Ship Husbandry

What Are the Benefits And Processes of Ship Husbandry?

Dennis Walker

March 19, 2020

What Are the Benefits And Processes of Ship Husbandry?

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Ship husbandry defined.

Husbandry is a middle English word that essentially means household management. Ships husbandry equates to management, oversight and maintenance of a ship or vessel. Water can be a volatile corrosive environment that works against every vessel, especially those that are docked. When dry dock is not an option, scheduling a commercial diving company for maintenance and upkeep is essential.

Common activities around ship husbandry.

Ship husbandry can include, yet is not limited to, general maintenance, repairs, cleaning, hull and rigging upkeep for all kinds of vessels. Finding a commercial diving company that you can count on is critical, performing the proper duties keeping the vessel in service and on time. Safety should be top priority not only in process of maintenance but also keeping all vessels seaworthy. When your ship or vessel is not maintained properly, you could run into issues with adhering to immigration and customs regulations. Crew changes could also slow down turnaround times due to maintenance issues.

Scheduling and assessing what needs to be done.

Scheduled assessments and maintenance is always better than waiting for problems to arise out on the water. A good commercial diving company can encompass everything from assessing the condition of the vessel as well as defining leaks that can contaminate water and compromise stability. Preventative maintenance is your insurance policy out on the water. Hull cleaning increases vessel agility and saves fuel. National Marine and Diving Service also provides the following support for US flagged vessels: insurance inspections, damage assessments, wheel jobs, cofferdam installation, terrorist threat inspections, drug smuggling inspections, sea chest cleaning.

Ship maintenance and repairs play a major role in ship husbandry.

Ship maintenance and repairs can be simple to complex both large and small. Underwater ship husbandry maintenance services include hull cleaning to remove organism growth, propeller polishing, welding, fiberglass repair, shaft coating, painting and more. Maintenance repairs extend the life of the vessel. Hull cleaning reduces drag and therefore increases top speeds minimizing fuel consumption. Our diving crews are specially trained and have been servicing vessels of every make and size on the East Coast for many years.

Ship husbandry has a positive impact on the environment.

There are many negative studies in regards to hull cleaning when it comes to impact on the environment. Understanding the ultimate ramifications and consequences of a vessel not properly maintained increases loss of life, loss of property, fuel and oil spills that will negatively affect any body of water for years. As long as there are boats on the water, it is imperative that they are maintained for ultimate safety and stability protecting our oceans lakes and waterways. National Marine and Diving Service takes safety and environmental impact seriously. We are a professional commercial diving company with over 30 years experience with zero incident. If you have any further questions or comments please reach out to us by phone at 1-321-412-6611.


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