Unfortunately, unforeseen tragedies occur.
When the unexpected happens.


National Marine offers multiple search and recovery services. From personal boats to construction equipment.

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Crisis management is planning and being prepared!

Salvage And Recovery Services

Lost Equipement

A valuable piece of equipment doesn't have to be lost forever because it fell overboard. National Marine and Diving Service can locate and retrieve equipment of all sizes.

BOAT salvage

Leaking abandoned vessels are hazards that need to be addressed quickly. Prevent EPA fines with swift vessel salvage and recovery.

Insurance recovery

Whether recovery is necessary for proof of loss, transfer of ownership to the insurance company or the starting point for repairs national Marine and Diving Service can help in your insurance recovery.

Lost materials

Sometimes the unexpected happens and your project materials find its way into the water. Prevent lost time with retrieval services.

Automobile salvage

In the event that an automobile find its way the water, National Marine and Diving Service can perform salvage and recovery services.

Fast Response Times

The faster the response, the better the outcome. Consider contacting us beforehand, so we can develop a response plan for your specific needs.  

Specialty Services

Locate & Inspect

National Marine and Diving Service can get a visual assessment with advanced remote underwater vehicles before we send a diver in the water.

Can you perform side scan sonar locate and mark services?

Yes, With Our Advanced Tech National Marine & Diving Services, Inc has the ability and technicians to locate, track and explore beneath the sea.

Can you help identify retention pond drainage issues?

Absolutely! Underwater collapsed, clogged and aging drainpipes can be time bombs causing flooding and poor water circulation. Allow us to identify the problem and suggest the proper solution.