Energy & Utilities

NMDS Has worked with multiple Energy and utility companies

The team of National Marine & Diving Service has been instrumental in the safe completion of tasks including Tier 1 radiation diving for one of the most powerful nuclear plants in the world. We are your underwater energy and utility support company.

Energy And Utilities

We have also completed projects for HarGray, Keys Energy
and Florida Power & Light.

Underwater Energy And Utility Support Including Tier 1Radiation Diving For Nuclear Power Plants, Utility Pole Inspections, Utility And Light Pole Cathodic Protection Services Are Specific Needs Of Energy AndUtility Companies Across United States. National Marine And Diving Service IsYour Support Crew For Peripheral Duties In The Energy And Utilities Sector.

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Nuclear Reactor Underwater Maintenance Video.

Specialty Services

Locate & Inspect

National Marine and Diving Service can get a visual assessment with advanced remote underwater vehicles before we send a diver in the water.

Can you perform side scan sonar locate and mark services?

Yes, With Our Advanced Tech National Marine & Diving Services, Inc has the ability and technicians to locate, track and explore beneath the sea.

Can you help identify retention pond drainage issues?

Absolutely! Underwater collapsed, clogged and aging drainpipes can be time bombs causing flooding and poor water circulation. Allow us to identify the problem and suggest the proper solution.