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Pile Jacket System Installation

Traditional dock and harbor work continually involves pile jacketing
to preserve remaining pile life or increase pile design load.

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Pile Protection Systems

Pile Jacket Installation

Commercial divers from NM&DS can inspect, recommend and install pile jackets for your project.

pile jacket Systems

Pile jacketing is specified for for three reasons:
1. Provide corrosion protection
2. Arrest deterioration and maintain current load value
3. Increase load bearing capacity

National Marine & Diving Services have completed all forms and types of pile jacketing; timber, pipe, and concrete piling and I beam wraps are typical applications. Various filler materials are available depending on the application. Concrete, grout and epoxy are the most common and suitability is determined by design application. New cement grout additives have been tested and tend to do well in this application. This relatively new technology has improved jacket quality in regards to chloride intrusion.

With salt water excluded from the core pile and reinforcing, jacket service life is dramatically increased.

Cathodic protection pile jackets, In areas with high salinity and or road salt conditions the the use of CP pile jackets are recommended. this is due in part to the fact that simply placing a standard jacket around a structure seldom stops the moister and salt intrusion from pours concrete or steel surfaces. The intrusion from around a standard jacket allows the continued corrosion and deterioration of the structure.

Cathodic protection pile jackets
use either a supplied or created electrical charge to  protect the structure and stop the corrosion. reducing or eliminating further deterioration. NM&DS a skilled in the installation of these systems. We work closely with Cathodic specialist, Suppliers and developers, general contractors and you our client to successfully install such systems.

Marine structures requiring piling for structure support are often subjected to harsh environmental factors.

Splash zone corrosion, environmental overloading and impact damage are just a few of the major causes of substructure pile failure.

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Bridge Pile Jacketing

Restoring precious infrastructure on Florida bridges and piers.

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